Social Committee

The fall was busy for the social committee.

Working hard to create thought provoking, inspirational ideas. The grateful tree was proposed for us all to take pause from our busy lives and think about what we are thankful for.

Here are some of the messages posted on the tree.

Good friends, family and good health, A wonderful life, Summer and Winter, Work, coworker, managers, CISS, Family, friends and that I get to live and work in Canada, Family, Autumn, Children, Grandkids, work, Autumn, Fur babies and fiancé, Family, Good healthy life, Family, friends and good health, Family, work and health, Bothers, Boyfriend, Everything I have been given and have given.

In addition to the Grateful Tree; a fun display of photos was set up to include all people at CISS.

Participants were encouraged to find a photo of themselves during high school years (13-18). Everyone enjoyed seeing the new photos displayed daily. The fun came later when people were able to take their best guesses of who the photos were! No one was able to guess every photo! On the last day of display, names were written beside each photo so we could see who we missed. Such fun!