Melissa Park Painting Major Project 2016

We want to thank all the volunteers that participated in our painting campaign!

You helped us bring this beautiful house back to it’s original colours.

Awesome job!

Melissa Park’s New Look!


painting (3 of 3)
Volunteers at work!

painting (1 of 3)


painting (2 of 3)
Vancity Team. Great work!


Volunteers (1 of 1)
Volunteers awesome job!





Thanks to all the volunteers that made painting this house possible!

July 15th Painting

You are talented painters and we could not have done this job without you; Tanya, Adam J., Ashish, Brandon, Navjit, Mary Joy, Paul, Linda, Kaushika, Ester, Tina, Erica, Ramiro, Brian, Shari, Boston and Susan from Van City bank, family/friends; Pam Galt, Kara Mahar, Melissa Mahar, Ethan Mahar, Mary Battle, Martyn Russell. Thank you Jeff for putting on such a great lunch that day we appreciate you fighting past allergies to help us out.

September 10th Painting

As you can see our volunteer painters made a significant dent on Saturday September 10, 2016. It was a super fun and warm day. Very special thanks to; Mai Lan, Jeff, Mary Joy, Ashish, Brian, Mike S & his dad Peter Dawe, Leah, Drewbrook (Jeff’s FiancĂ©) Tamara and her parents Gord & Laura and sister Meghan, Linda Stiworsky and Asynsley Melsdrum from the Heritage Society, and my always faithful volunteer, my husband Clarence. Thank you to Renee and Tanya, Mai Lan for garnering donations for the event, your support is very much appreciated. Our Charity will be submitting video footage from the event to Canada in A Day, we will share once the film is edited.



Special Thanks to:

All Painting Ltd – Who painted the top of the house and provided logistics and supplies for volunteers

Benjamin Moore – Who donated paint through their True Colours grant program