L.I.F.E. services is a new and exciting program based in Port Coquitlam that focuses on four main areas: Learning, Inclusion, Friendship, and Employment (L.I.F.E.). Through this program, individuals are supported in working towards employment goals, improving confidence, and fostering relationships all while connecting directly to the community. L.I.F.E. services utilize both direct support (in person meetings, phone calls, etc.) and indirect support (research, planning, or networking on behalf of the individual).
The L.I.F.E service encourages flexibility and understands that a person’s goals and needs change over time. Unlike day programs or other community inclusion services, L.I.F.E services are not on set hours and instead are solely based upon the individual’s needs. By working together with staff through regular check-ins and evaluations, individuals are able to uniquely personalize how, when, and where services are incorporated.
The goal of L.I.F.E. services is to go beyond employment by focusing on community inclusion, lifelong learning, and meaningful relationships. If you are interested in L.I.F.E services please contact your Community Living BC (CLBC) facilitator to see if you are eligible to apply.