General Information:

What exactly do you do at Community Integration Services Society?

Community Integration Services Society in a non-profit organization that provides services to adults with developmental disabilities by engaging and participating in the community through community inclusion opportunities. Find out more  here, or send us an email for more information.

What types of services are available at Community Integration Services Society?

Community Integration Services Society provides community inclusion programs in the areas of recreation, leisure, employment, volunteering, and community access. You can read about our programs here

If I needed respite services would CISS do that?

No, currently Community Integration Services Society does not provide respite services. Please contact your local CLBC office for a list of organizations that do. Find more information about CLBC here.

Does Community Integration Services Society provide services on the weekend, evenings or statutory holidays?

No, currently CISS is only open during the day, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Accessing our Services:

I have a son/daughter with a developmental disability. How do I go about getting them into services with Community Integration Services Society? What is the procedure and who is the best person to contact?

CISS has an eligibility criteria that you can review here. You can arrange a tour or an intake meeting by contacting us (contact info at bottom of this page).

Contacting your local Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) office will help you learn more about our services as well as services your family is eligible for. Find more information about CLBC here

My son/daughter has never had any service. How do I get them into a program?

Contact your local CLBC office and speak to a representative to inquire into available services and funding. Find more information about CLBC here.

I have heard a lot of good things about your organization and would like my son/daughter to attend CISS. How do I go about this as they have been with their current organization for many years?

You would need to contact your current funding body to inquire and request an intake meeting.

My son/daughter is still in school, but what do I do when they turn 19?

Information is available at local Transition Fairs that occur throughout the year and also through your funding body. Find more information about CLBC here.


What type of education do I need to obtain a position at Community Integration Services Society as a life skills worker?

We require a degree, diploma, or certificate in a social services field and a current CPR/FA certificate. Other conditions such as a reliable vehicle, business insurance, 2 million liability coverage, and a valid class 5 driver’s license are also required. It is very important that those being offered a position must have a criminal records check completed.

Does Community Integration Services Society have an official application that I can access?

Yes. You can check all our career opportunities here to learn more.

I am interested in becoming a Board member.

Please send your resume to who will then forward it to the Secretary of the Board of Directors for review. Those applicants who are being considered will be contacted for an interview.

I work at a small business but am looking to volunteer sometime in the daytime. I am very interested in providing a weekly program related to my field for your clients and staff. Would that be something you would consider?

Yes, CISS would be interested in hearing more about your proposal. A written proposal outlining the details would need to be drafted and submitted to the society and then a decision would be made. Please submit all proposals to 

I am a local business owner and am looking to employ a client in your service part time. Who would I contact about this? Are there certain requirements I need to do as an employer?

Please contact us directly. (contact info at bottom of this page).

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