Community Integration Services Society believes that everyone who wants to work can and are in full rights of Article 27 of UN CHARTER OF RIGHTS OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES

Article 27: Work and employment.

Countries recognize that people with disabilities have a right to work on an equal basis with others. This includes having access to work environments that are open, inclusive and accessible. It also means having the assistance that may be required to find and maintain employment in both the public and private sectors.

At CISS we believe that all individuals should contribute to their community in meaningful ways and for some this is done by achieving paid employment. Goals are created to assist the client and staff in achieving this objective. Each individual creates a current resume and files it in our “employment “filing cabinet allowing individual access. Weekly schedules are created to assist in the often challenging task of applying at different locations around the community.

Ongoing employment workshops are offered to encourage participants looking for work to practice their interview skills and resume writing skills.

An “employment board” is created to allow clients to see there “week” and visually observe their successes around paid employment.

Clients may choose to participate in one of our “employment training” programs such as; Kyle Kitchen Seniors Lunch Program, and Melissa Park Catering by CISS. This allows individuals to achieve some of the skills that might be required in obtaining paid work.