Our Mission Statement:

Community Integration Services Society is committed to enabling individuals with disabilities to become active members of their own communities.

Congrats to Shari Mahar on the 2018 Leadership Award

What is Community Integration Services Society?

CISS is a non-profit agency primarily funded by Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). As a registered charity, we also receive a very small portion of our money through fundraising endeavours. Due to the great need of our services and the relatively small budget, we are always open to new fundraising ideas.

Here at CISS we believe in:

  • The right to make one’s own decisions
  • Community participation
  • Equal rights for all

We Value:

  • The right to take risks
  • Family involvement
  • Self-advocacy
  • Uniqueness and diversity

Our goal is:

  • To maximize independence of each individual
  • To increase public support for community inclusion
  • To develop networks of community support

Download and learn more about our policies:

Wonderful people at CISS

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