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Community Integration Services Society (CISS) has consistently been a leader in efforts to support individuals with developmental disabilities to be active members of their own community. One way of participating in the community is through employment. Many adults with intellectual disabilities aspire to be employed at a competitive wage, and to enjoy a greater sense of purpose, self-sufficiency, and accomplishment.

Why hire someone with development disabilities?

Each individual brings their own unique skills and personalities to the job. We want to help you find the right fit for your business. By hiring an individual with a developmental disability, you are working to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment. Did you know diversity in the workplace has been associated with improved business outcomes, as well as increased morale, productivity, and innovation?  to learn more about the benefits of hiring people with diverse abilities click here.

What can CISS do for you, the employer?

  • Solve your entry-level job needs
  • Screen prospective employees
  • Arrange working job interviews
  • Make individual placements
  • Negotiate wages
  • Match workers to suit your needs
  • Provide long term support to ensure success
  • Manage new employee workplace growing pains
  • Make accommodations/suggestions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the benefit to hiring someone with developmental disabilities?

A: People with disabilities offer a variety of positive attributes, including but not limited to: positive energy, focus and attention to detail, timeliness, and readiness to work.

Adam Jamieson, an individual in CISS services, has far exceeded expectations in his role at Vancity. Cristina Pereira, Community Branch Manager, appreciates Adam’s strong work ethic and positive energy. Cristina says that Adam’s “capacity for details and ability to recall them is phenomenal”. “Once you understand the dynamic it can surprise and exceed expectations”. Learn more about Adam’s success story here.

Q: Will they or the staff need any extra supports in place?

A: All new employees need support, regardless of disability status. Resources are available to help employers support new hires. The Hire for Talent website provides a great starting point.

Q: Will I have to make any accommodations or adaptions to the work place?

A: It depends! While modified work hours or duties may be optimal for some individuals, others will not need any accommodations. We work with you to help find the best match for your needs and to help our clients showcase their best skills. Learn more about the supports available on the WorkBC webpage.

Q: What wages do I need to pay?

A: You pay the same wages for the position as any other employee.

Q: Is it a liability in the workplace?

A:  There is no liability. What you have for insurance and WCB covers just the same as any other employee.

Q: Are we eligible for funding?

A:  Funding is available! Visit the Employment and Social Development Canada webpage for up-to-date information on funding opportunities.

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