Melissa Park Catering by CISS is back!

The CISS Melissa Park Catering Social Enterprise is designed to be a small business providing work to several individuals who are interested in starting their own culinary business.

During COVID-19, the team stepped away from their usual business, but are excited to have recently returned to the Dry Dip section in preparation for the World Employment Conference in Vancouver this June.

This conference is hosted by the Canadian Association for Supported Employment, Inclusion BC, the BC Employment Network, and the World Association for Supported Employment and will showcase international exhibitors, speakers, and workshop leaders. Through this event, Melissa Park Catering will have the amazing opportunity to explore, learn, and build new relationships with other businesses implementing supportive, inclusive employment practices.

If you are attending the event, drop by the Entrepreneurs Marketplace and meet Jonathon, Dimitri and Karen who will be selling Melissa Park Dry Dips.

Our dry dip mixes are available in both Mexican style, and Dill style. All you need to do is add sour cream, Greek yogurt or mayonnaise, stir, and your dip is ready to serve. Our dry dip can also be used as a great spice mix for meat and fish.


If you are interested in ordering one of our dips or have any questions, please contact the Melissa Park Catering by CISS email:

To find out more about the world conference: 
World Supported Employment Conference 2023