Individual Day Services in Port Coquitlam

Individualized Day Services (IDS) at Port Coquitlam became a program due to a lack of a service that accommodated the needs of individuals with disabilities graduating from high school in the community.

These individuals were searching for a program that gave them the opportunity to work with their friends and meet their needs and desires.

Our clients volunteer regularly:

  • At a local high school, doing recycling
  • At the local church, folding bulletins
  • In a laundry program
  • At Hawthorne Senior Center
  • At Jolly Olde Bookstore, helping with various duties
  • At Lions Care Centre
  • In shopping programs
  • At the SPCA
  • At TLC Grooming

Our initiatives at Port Coquitlam

In Port Coquitlam there are two day programs, IDS1 and IDS2. Both programs are entirely off-site and they take place within the community. IDS in Port Coquitlam also runs two of our initiatives.

Kyle Kitchen

Kyle Kitchen

Kyle Kitchen is run by both the individuals and staff members at IDS. With everyone contributing over the years, Kyle Kitchen has become a lunch that many of the seniors it serves look forward to.

Meet the cooks at Kyle Kitchen


Java with Friends

Java with Friends is a great community event that is always filled with lively people. It is the largest activity run by CISS and is well known throughout the Lower Mainland.

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